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The world is a mysterious place, and no one knows that better than adventurer Josh Gates. Now, he’s chasing down the unknown in a fresh, fast-paced series that takes on the greatest legends on earth.   

In Expedition Unknown, Josh tackles a broad range of fascinating legends and international mysteries and passionately investigates them from an original perspective. Based on brand-new theories, recently uncovered evidence, or sensational breaks in the case, he’ll undertake an immersive quest for answers - no matter where the journey leads him. 

I’ve traveled to nearly 100 countries, but still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of what’s out there to explore. There is such a deep well of fascinating and mystifying stories in the world, and each one connects so uniquely to different cultures. I’m driven by curiosity – and I’m on a mission to find answers.

Is the world searching for Amelia Earhart in the wrong place? Has Captain Morgan’s lost flagship really been found? Could there be truth to the tales of a supernatural relic in the jungles of South East Asia? Other topics will include lost cities, missing treasures, and vanished explorers. In each case, Josh will investigate by diving in headfirst and chasing down answers on a thrilling, hilarious, and nail-biting expedition.

The show is a one-hour, one-topic investigation. Whether it’s scouring the countryside of Japan in search of a mystical samurai sword or descending into pitch-black caverns in Mexico to discover the secrets of the Maya, viewers find themselves riding shotgun in the middle of the action. 

Josh’s strength lies in his unique ability to combine an authentic, roughshod adventure with his passion for storytelling and wry sense of humor. Every inquiry is a puzzle that Josh has to piece together. Each stop provides another clue or theory. As one question is answered, another is raised, and soon, the viewer finds himself far off the grid. It’s an exciting and riveting ride as Josh attempts to not only answer central questions about these enduring stories, but to uncover new evidence as well.



Expedition Unknown is produced by Ping Pong Productions for Travel Channel. The series is executive produced by Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels and Josh Gates for Ping Pong. Daniel A. Schwartz serves as the executive producer for Travel Channel.