Alec Shankman

Abrams Artists Agency

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Judy Rich

BBR Agency

(323) 938-1989

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“Hi there! I’d love to hear from you.”

Drop me a line at the email address shown. Due to my travel schedule, I can’t respond to every message individually. But if you’ve got a secret treasure map I should know about, or if you’re trapped in a high mountain cabin and fending off a Yeti attack, this is an expeditious way of getting a hold of me.

Also, I’m nearly always wearing a handy Breitling watch that emits a distress signal at the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. If I happen to go missing, please give a listen and call Richard Branson if you hear it pinging. 

I may need a lift home...

You can also reach me at the mailing address below.

Josh Gates

P.O. Box 931838

Los Angeles, CA 90093

United States

Be patient. It takes a while for the envelopes to be routed by steamship to Singapore, flown cargo freight to Cairo, and taken overland by camel caravan to Timbuktu or wherever I happen to be.

Note: At this time, I can’t accept copies of my book or other items to be autographed. It clogs the system, and the camels get really moody about it. Thanks for your understanding.